Government of Indonesia Supports Blockchain, Origin Not Bitcoin

Many people are still skeptical of the use of Blockchain technology, as it is identical to Bitcoin. Though many useful things that can be used with Blockchain technology.
The Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Communications and Informatics claimed to support the application of Blockchain technology. But if you’re talking about Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin, then they flatly say no.
Blockchain is something that unavoidable I support Blockchain because it gives transparency in every transaction For example, in a money transfer service, he can know this money from where it comes from Who is ready to give to whom the data is all Directly this can ease the performance of KPK , “said Menkominfo Rudiantara in office Plug n Play Jakarta, Tuesday, December 5, 2017.
As for Bitcoin, Rudiantara agrees if such an application is prohibited. This is because Bitcoin does not have a clear ownership of the origins and where the technology came from.
Bitcoin, in quotes, created Black Economy, we do not know where it came from Bitcoin, it’s more a commodity than a digital currency,” he said.
Enter Global Market
Added Steven Suhadi, as Co-Founder BlockTech Company, true much can be done with Blockchain technology. The technology is indeed synonymous with Bitcoin but that is just one application of Blockchain utilization.
“Startup can use Blockchain to enter the global market This can disrupt current disruption Blockchain is not Bitcoin I am sure the government knows the difference between the two.Not only in financial companies, Blockchain can also counteract Fake News, used media companies to confirm traffic, either articles and advertisements, “Steve said.
For the business of counteracting the hoax, how it works, Steve says, a story will be able to recognize whether it is false or true, with the consensus of computer data.
According to Steve, that’s the most important in a Blockchain technology, which is a combination of data consensus and logic.
While in the pioneering world, Blockchain can help companies to enter the market of any country.
In addition to its inexpensive free development investment, Blockchain is able to recognize the market and provide insight for startups with decentralized data. (ren)




Source: KOMINFO Indonesia, VIVA

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