Understanding ICO, Bounty and AirDrop In Crypto Coin

Many vocabulary are less familiar to the ears when discussing Crypto Coin. For example ICO, Bounty, and AirDrop. Here’s a brief explanation and understanding.


ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

ICO is a fundraising effort to build applications related to blockchain and its implementation, such as Cryptocurrency, BitCoin, Steneum Coin, Smart Conract, and Smart Ledger. ICO offers a number of tokens to valued investors, usually by Cryptocurrency such as Steneum Coin (STN).


What Are The Advantages Of ICO?

For developers they will get funding to accelerate the projects they develop so that they can be enjoyed by many people. For investors will get a token or coin which later coin can be traded freely in the market exchangers.

The advantage for investors who follow ICO before the coin is launched to the free market is the price given will be cheaper. And usually when the coin is launched the price will jump up to more than 5x the price of ICO. This is what makes investors enjoy this ICO.


What are the Disadvantages of ICO?

Behind the profits there must be disadvantages that come to him. Because ICO is investing in nature then we spend money and give to third parties and the money may not be used according to the agreement when ICO is carried away without any explanation that is clear or more familiar with SCAM.

Several things become the problem of SCAM when the ICO is not clear project, the purpose of collecting funds made by developers and teams that are not clear or not plastered. Usually this will be explained in the whitepaper.


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Bounty (reward), an amount of money or other reward is offered by an organization or thing.

In the world of Cryptocurrency, Bounty can mean competing or hunting to promote the new Crypto Coin to be born (promoting here is like like share in social media and so on). In return, we will be paid to use the coin later after launching.


The Difference Between Bounty With AirDrop
Because the Bounty project must be successful first so we have to be patient to accept the pay, while AirDrop although the result is not too big we can get the coins without having to wait long.




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