US Investment Company Launches Fund for Digital Currency

NEW YORK , REPUBLIKA.CO.ID — United States investment firm (US) plans to launch private funds for the first time. The plan of the fund will be focused on the classical ethereum and the blockchain platform.

Founder of Digital Currency Group’s parent company Barry Silbert explains, the classical ethereum is the seventh largest digital currency in market capitalization. Its value reached 126.6 million US dollars. While the blockchain platform can make applications dramatically different so that it can improve the transfer and sharing of information.

Ethereum was built on several basic principles such as decentralization and eternity. On Monday, (6/3), the classical ethereum was traded for 1.42 US dollars in the digital asset exchange. “As investors are more interested in digital currencies as an asset class, we are also growing with difficulty in buying non-bitcoin digital eyes,” Silbert said, as quoted by Reuters, Tuesday (7/3).

He admitted very happy to have launched funds for the classical ethereum. According to him, the classical fund of ethereum will be an open belief that can increase the amount of unlimited capital.

Digital Currency Group itself will provide its own capital, then offer it to accredited investors. Later, this will be the second digital currency fund for Grayscale that previously launched the Bitcoin Investmen Trust in 2013.

Ethereum classic itself has a history. Ethereum is a split from the original ethereum blockchain platform created by Russian programmers and launched in 2015.

Rep: Iit Septyaningsih/ Red: Budi Raharjo




Source: Republika

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